Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yes, I am still alive! I have seriously neglected my blog(s).
Since my last post, I have been through several musicians. John Mark is now
playing bass with the Rythmatics. Steve Cannon's work schedule kinda hancuffed
him. Rawgtown called it quits so Pruett played drums for me. Then he left to
play with Level Route. Pruett, John Mark, Peel and myself played a few shows
here and there.

Live at TBones in Denison
So what I have been doing is auditioning drummers and bass players
along with starting a new job. Also played Baseball every Sunday over the summer.
I am still hosting Open Mic at The Vault Every Thursday.

I think I have the right group of guys that fit my style of
music. They seem to have level heads about them and their priorities straight.
Had the first practice last week and everything went better than anticipated.
They understand music how music works!!!!!!!!

So here is the line up: Me-Guitar/Vocals

Eric Peel-Fiddle(when he is not flying)

David Wickersham, formally of Symptoms of Society-Bass

Dakota Miller, formally of The Fix-Drums

Click Here
for a list of upcoming shows. There will probably be another acoustic show or
two and some opening shows as well. Thats it in a nutshell! I swear I will try
to post more often!

Until next time! Farris