Thursday, October 09, 2008

Rock The Vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rock the Vote....Don't rock the vote baby.........Rock the Vote.......Don't tip the vote over...............

Enough of that!

I am an American and a voter!

I have voted in every election since I was 18

Not too long ago, this was a very exciting time of year for me.....

I couldn't wait to vote for my guy.............

Hoping the other guy didn't win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a VERY political person, I just don't advertise it!

I don't think this is the platform for it. I want everyone to make up their own minds.......

I don't mind sharing my thoughts if you ask!

With that said, I have watched the debates.........

and I am no more informed than I was before!!!!!!!!!

Why can't the candidates give a straight answer to a direct question?

I am a "straight shooting" kind of guy........

I respect others that shoot me straight........

And ignore the people that don't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a thought,
Maybe the debates should a "multiple choice" format.

They have to choose A,B,C, D(all of the above)

Or a "Fill in the Blank"

Also, when I talk to people about politics I can tell if they are watching CNN or FOX.

I find that quite amusing.

Since I am a musician, I am expected to vote for Obama

But because I am a Texan, most would assume I am voting for McCain

I wish I could vote for Danny DeVito!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be on in about an hour!!!!!!!!!

P.S. the spellchecker only picked up on DeVito