Sunday, October 08, 2006

This one ain't about me!

I thought for a change I wouldn't talk about me. I want to send a big "Hell Yeah" out to my boys in Miles from Nowhere . They won the 2006 Shiner Rising Star competition. They will receive a record contract with Shiner Records. Looks like they are on their way. Talked to Adam today and he didn't know many details, he will know more this week. This is a huge opportunity for the guys. Their hard work is starting to pay off. Then Adam and I turned our conversation to Guitars and tone. We go way back. When I was a senior in High school, I cracked my helmet in a football game. Adam was in eight grade(he was over 6 feet tall) . I had to take his brand new helmet am he was stuck with a shitty one the rest of the season. He would always point out to me the scatches he put on it even thought it was bright white and shiney when I received it. You can't help but like him! You didn't really think I would go this entire time and not mention myself, did you?
Again, way to go boys!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Feels good to Be Alive!!!!!!!!!!

What an awesome weekend! I went to Nokia Theather in Grand Prairie to see one of my all time Favorite bands Alice in Chains. Without a doubt one of the best shows I have ever seen. Saw a couple of buddys I haven't seen in a while.
This really has me thinking. What happened to rock? The youth today really don't many good rock bands to connect with like I did. They have a bunch of wanna be's that whine and scream about nothing. I really hate that rock was fallen so far out of touch.
I like all kinds of music. I see tons of kids listening to country now. That is a concept I can not grasp. When I was in High School, I would have rather taken a beating than to buy a country cd. I would have been ashamed to own one.
You don't know how many times I get requests for Jason Boland or Cross Canadian Ragweed. I'll take it a step farther. I will see a dude totally slaughter a three chord red dirt song and everyone goes crazy. I just don't get it!!!!!!! What is the allure to this junk? Please enlighten me!!!!!!!!!!!!!