Sunday, November 29, 2009


How Download Cards work............
I sometimes think that the download cards I sell confuse people. For 10 I sell, only 7 people download the songs(I can see the report).

I like the download cards verses cd's. Most people either make a playlist for their ipod or make a mix cd with other artists and songs. Why have 300 cd's in your car when you only like 100 of those songs?

When you buy any product, you pay for packaging. Cds are expensive! That is why I charge $10 for them as opposed to $5 for the download card. You get the same music for half of the price! The difference is, you download the music to your computer first as opposed to ripping the tracks from a cd.

If you have ever downloaded a song from iTunes (or limewire if you enjoy stealing music), download cards are a similar concept.

Look at the back of the download card. Enter the web address into your browser(Internet explorer, firefox, safari, ect). Then enter the code and you will see the available tracks. Download them to your computer and enjoy!

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